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4.Tools and elec. tools
6.Tube series
7.Measuring instruments
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Japanese type mini bolt clipper Art.No.NU02473
Japanese type mini bolt clipper Art.No.NU02472
Japanese type mini bolt clipper Art.No.NU02471
European type mini bolt clipper Art.No.NU02470
bolt clipper Art.No.NU02469
bolt clipper Art.No.NU02468
one arm adjustable bolt clipper Art.No.NU02467
one arm adjustable bolt clipper Art.No.NU02466
one arm adjustable bolt clipper Art.No.NU02465
adjustable bolt clipper v Art.No.NU02464
adjustable bolt clipper Art.No.NU02463
bolt clipper with eccentric bolt Art.No.NU02462
bolt clipper with forged joint arms Art.No.NU02461
aluminium bolt clipper Art.No.NU02460
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